Green Initiatives

Beyond Monumental is committed to making our races sustainable for our local community. Beyond Monumental and our partners have held a long-time dedication to recycling, reusing, and reducing trash from our events. In addition to the steps we take to reduce the footprint of our events, we are committed to reducing printing by 25% in the year 2021.

Green Initiatives


At Beyond Monumental, we strive each year to improve our events for our participants and the planet. The CNO Financial Indianapolis Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5K courses include:

  • Two water stations on-course (stations H and R) with all compostable supplies.
  • All Nuun Hydration stations have compostable cups.
  • The finish line Nuun Hydration and water station at the finish line have compostable cups.
  • The finish line area has twenty co-located stations (compost, recycling, landfill, liquids) with volunteers monitoring and refilling bags.
  • The finish line area has two zero-waste stations with tables where participants/attendees bring waste for volunteers to sort into compost-recycling-landfill-liquid.


Green Initiatives


In addition to the initiatives above, Beyond Monumental also takes steps to reuse and recycle used and extra racing materials:

  • Used heat sheets are recycled and made into sustainable benches.
  • Unused food from the course and the finish line is donated to local food pantry organizations.
  • Clothing that has been discarded along the course is donated to local organizations.
  • Extra medals are donated to local organizations.
  • Gently used running shoes are donated to local organizations.
Green Initiatives


Beyond Monumental is proud to partner with LITTLER, a leader in the labor and employment industry. LITTLER shares our passion for taking the lead in environmental matters and is returning for the second year as the presenting sponsor of the Green Team at the 2021 CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. This year the Green Team will have more than 80+ volunteers to help sort waste.

Littler Mendelson P.C.