Legacy Runners

Congratulations to our Monumental Legacy Runners – our remarkable participants who have successfully completed the CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, Half Marathon or 5K every year since the inaugural event in 2008.

Names in BOLD indicate participants who have completed the full marathon distance every year.

If you believe you should be included on this list, please contact info@beyondmonumental.org.

Legacy runner with a story to share? We’d love to hear from you! Submit your story here: https://forms.gle/4X6Rd7UwRsx7mhTEA

Nina Ardery Jaime Haire David Reed
Tony Barringer Matthew Haire Charles Richert
Kimberly Beck Gary Harrell

Amy Riesmeyer

Andrew Breck Judy Hasselkus Larry Roberts
Jason Burton Sarah Hunton

Robert Roller

David Cavanagh

Earl Johnson

Logan Sampson

Andrew Chandler

David Johnson

Brian Schuetter

Alan Coppinger

Jen Knife Shirley Sheeks
Cliff Crawford Sarah Koehler Michael Shirrell
Nathan Criswell Manfred Kuhn Andrew Smith

Frank Duck

Steve Laning

Paul Smith
Amy Duke Steve Lehe Angela Snyder
Irvin Edwards Adam Lorber Colin Staubach
Donna Fichtner Ted Maple Jeffrey Stumpf
Heather Fink Silas McGhee

Dana Stutzman

David Fink

Kerri McKay

Bret Swisher

Allyson Fleetwood Ira Means David Taylor
Mike Flueck Jayson Meyer Matt Utterback
Virginia Gee Keith Morey Karen Wahlstrom
Karla Geisse Ross Nordhoff Paul Wahlstrom
Richel Geisse Annette Parker Phil Weidman
Kathy Gilmore Mark Parnella Ron Wilson
Vickie Goens

Robert Poznanski

Brenda Wilson
Jonathan Gomez Marc Quigley Rick Youngstafel
Terri Gomez Sharon Raney Mark Youngstafel