Dave Tintelnot

Perseverance Is My Mantra!

Perseverance Is My Mantra!

After the mini marathon in May, I lost my love of running and struggled to find the drive. I had lost my running mojo, but I was at a loss of what had changed. I was slow. I dreaded lacing up my running shoes. I was exhausted. What I realized I was forcing my runs. I was stuffing them in between everything else I had going on in my life, as more of an afterthought, instead of planning for them. I was not allowing myself to enjoy them, because I was just making myself do them, rather than allowing myself to experience the distance, instead of counting every step and every minute.

That realization helped me to reset my mind. I made time for myself and my runs again. Rearranging my hectic schedule to start my day running. I allowed myself the mental break that running had become for me to take over. I was getting myself out on the pavement before the rest of the day got in my way. My excitement and passion came back. The quiet of the morning, the cooler temperature, and the less crowded Monon made for a refreshing restart.

My training has amped up the last couple of weeks as I progress into new territory. My longest run before this training was a half marathon and I just completed my first 17-mile training run. Working on the mental piece of pushing through exhaustion to reach the finish line has been a struggle.

Perseverance has been the word that continues to go through my mind. I have been working through a knee injury that sidelined me for over a week. I have had a cold, which makes breathing an issue. It would have been easier to give up at that point. But I was very antsy, that first weekend when I wasn’t heading out for a long run. I hate it, I was irritable, and couldn’t figure out what to do with my time. Not to mention, I was driving my wife crazy! Thank goodness for the rest and strengthening exercises that got my knee better for the most part, and I’m back on the trail.

The time commitment is a constant struggle. It feels like I work, run, and recover from running. But perseverance is my mantra…. despite the heat, the injury, the early mornings, the exhaustion… I will Persevere and be Monumental!

Editor’s Note: Dave Tintelnot is planning to run his first marathon at the 2018 CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, we’re following his journey.

Dave at the finish line of the Indy Half Marathon at Fort Ben