2022-23 Ambassadors

New Albany, IN
IG: @Elladams

I ran off and on after school – when it was no longer required for P.E. or track – but I was never consistent with it. After my dad passed in 2012, I wanted to start running for health. Some friends invited me to join them at the CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon that year; training wasn’t something I understood and I registered for the 5K instead. The start line experience, my fellow runners, the supporters on the side of the roads, to the finish line – all of it lit something inside me and I knew this was something I wanted to try again. This year is my 10th anniversary of running consistently – numerous races of varying lengths (road and trail) and 6 full marathons later, the Monumental races are still my favorite way to see my hometown.

Favorite Race: CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

Greenwood, IN
IG: @andrewbarto

I’m an Indianapolis Public Schools lead physical education teacher. I teach at George Julian School 57 in Irvington, Indiana. When I’m not teaching, coaching, or directing athletics for my students, I enjoy going to the gym, running with my 1-year-old daughter, and hanging with my 6-year-old son and wife. 

Favorite Race: CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

Westfield, IN
IG: @Coco.On.The.Gogo

I’m beyond thrilled to be part of Beyond Monumental this year. The CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon is precious to me, as it was the first I completed after losing more than 80 pounds and getting fit at nearly 50 years old. I have since completed three Monumental half marathons and two Fort Ben half marathons, and cannot wait to do my first Monumental Marathon in November. I teach middle school Language Arts and coach Cross Country at my school. Last year, I hosted an Apex Benefits Monumental Kids Movement program and hope to do it again this fall. I can’t wait to be part of all the Monumental events again in 2022!

Favorite Race: Indy Half Marathon at Fort Ben

Richmond, KY
IG: @Tcraft70

I’m from Richmond, KY, (born in Kendallville, IN) and the 2022 IMM will be my comeback marathon. I have run the marathon three times previously, and after battling cancer in 2019 and 2021, I was able to run only the half marathon distance those years. By November I should be good to go! That’s my plan, at least! I have run 135 half marathons and 10 marathons. It is my goal to run at least a half marathon in each state. This summer I will travel to Alaska for state #36! I’ve been an English teacher for 29 years and I coach my high school’s cross country team. I’m a member of Bluegrass Runners, Knoxville Track Club, Half Fanatics, and Marathon Maniacs.

Favorite Race: CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

Wakarusa, IN
IG: @Daddydidyouwin

I’m a husband, father, and case manager working for the Indiana Department of Child Services.  2022 will be my 9th CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon – I ran my first in 2013.  Monumental is my favorite marathon and it keeps me coming back year after year. While no longer running PRs, I now enjoy encouraging other runners in the sport that I love.  

Favorite Race: CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

West Lafayette, IN
IG: @Runningbethums

I’ve been running for over 18 years! I have completed 4 marathons – my PR was at the Monumental Marathon so it has a special place in my heart, 28 half marathons, and countless 5 and 10Ks. I live in West Lafayette with my husband, three kids, and two dogs.  This year I’m serving as the vice president of our local running club, the Wabash River Runners Club.  My favorite thing about running is the satisfaction I get from accomplishing something I thought was impossible.  I’ve also made some amazing friendships along the way.  I am looking forward to this season of Monumental races!

Favorite Race: CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

Brownsburg, IN

I began running in 2016 and haven’t stopped! The Beyond Monumental series quickly became my favorite – the Monumental Mile (I mean, it is 1 mile!!), scenic Fort Ben, and great weather for Indy Monumental. I normally complete the half, but in 2019 I completed the marathon! I love the running community and all the people it has brought into my life. My wife and boys being big supporters help get through!

Favorite Race: Indianapolis Monumental Mile

Boulder, CO
IG: @Sayrahrunshappy

I’m an endurance athlete, a run coach, a podcast host, and a Boston Qualifying runner from Boulder, Colorado. I’ve been running for 15 years and ran my first marathon in a Boston Qualifying time in 2019. I started my own coaching company, Elevate Your Running, at the start of the pandemic and help committed athletes fill their cups while having fun and discovering their true athletic potential.

Favorite Race: CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

Beavercreek Township, OH
IG: @Kimmazza486

I once told a friend that anyone who ran more than 5 miles was crazy. I’m now in that group – 20 half marathons, 8 full marathons, a Dopey Challenge finisher, and a Ragnarian! The best part is that I’ve shared so many of those adventures with my husband, my dad, and so many friends I’ve met through running! I always thought there was no way I’d be fast enough to qualify for Boston, but here I am, out there working toward that very goal! I am getting closer each year and hoping Indy is where I can make it happen!

I’m married to my college sweetheart (also a runner), we have 2 boys, I’m a soccer mom, and I work as an employee benefits manager. I like showing people that you can have a job and kids and still have your own goals. I believe that you make time for what is important to you. It’s important for my kids to see that mom has goals and that mom can do hard things.

Favorite Race: CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

Brownsburg, IN
IG: @abby__prentice

I was a high jumper at Indiana State University and distance running is still fairly new to me. I ran my first Monumental Half Marathon in 2021 and I’m excited to be completing the Indython in 2022 by participating in the Indy Half Marathon at Fort Ben and the CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon.

Favorite Race: CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

Indianapolis, IN
IG: @Monicaroose

You can usually find me Downtown Indy running on the canal. The Monumental half marathon was my first half back in 2011 and I’ve been hooked on this race ever since. When I’m not running or working, I can be found wandering around Target or taking a class at 9Round. I’m very excited to be an ambassador for the Beyond Monumental races and I hope to inspire and motivate others to come and join me for a run. 

Favorite Race: CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

Aurora, IN
IG: @Marathoning_Mama_J

I live in Aurora with my husband and our 3 wild little boys! I’m a personal trainer at a family recreation center in Northern Kentucky and a running coach. As a member of Marathon Maniacs and the 50 States marathon club, distance running is my favorite way to relieve stress and get time to myself! Indy Monumental Marathon is an awesome race with a great course and I am incredibly excited to be an ambassador! This will be my 5th time running this race.

Favorite Race: CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

Carmel, IN
IG: @Rachelmichellerunning

I live in Carmel with my husband and three kids. I started running for fitness in college and haven’t looked back.  Running has been a constant in my life for the past almost 20 years. I love pushing myself to places I never thought possible, I love the escape that it provides, I love the feeling of accomplishment, and I love the endorphin rush. We have 10-year-old boy/girl twins and a 7-year-old daughter. I’m quite certain that all those years of pushing the jogging stroller made me a stronger runner! 

Living in the Indy area all my life, both the Indy Half Marathon at Fort Ben and CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon were a part of my fall running schedule.  Over the years, I have come to realize that sharing this love with others and helping others reach their goals is my true passion in life. 

Favorite Race: CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

Vevay, IN

I was born and raised in Vevay and developed a love for running at a young age and have continued that passion into my adult life. My love for this sport has expanded to my son and I treasure the time we spend together running! I have completed two CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathons and can say both experiences were life-changing. I took the #BeMonumental mentality and applied it to my everyday life. Each of us has the capacity to #BeMonumental each and every day! You can #BeMonumental in your career, your family, or even your community! I look forward to racing again this Fall in Indianapolis and I am honored to serve as a 2022 Monumental Ambassador!  

Favorite Race: CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

Indianapolis, IN
IG: @Gageulery

I work in special education in the Indianapolis area and one of the many joys I have in my life is running. I got into running about three years ago and have not been able to stop. I’m always looking forward to my next run. The 2022 Monumental Marathon will be my 8th marathon. 

Favorite Race: CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon