First Timer FAQ

Is this your first time running a race?

We’re here to help! Below you will find some frequently asked questions we get from others similar to you followed by our answers.

Where can I find a training plan or training group?

If you register early by a certain date, you will receive a free training plan via email in August. You can email for more information.

You can also join a local running club for training runs and a team of accountability partners. Here you will find a list of running clubs in the Midwest that offer marathon training programs.

What energy gels should I use?

It is always best to train with the energy gels that will be available on the course. Clif Energy Shots (variety of flavors) will be available at energy stations on the CNO Financial Group Indianapolis Monumental Marathon and Half Marathon course. We do suggest bringing extra energy gels with you.

When do I get my bib number?

Participants will receive their bib number for the race via email 2-3 days before the Expo opens. Packets are arranged numerically by bib number at the Expo.

Where do I get my race packet?

You must pick up your race packet at the Expo on Thursday or Friday. We do not mail packets and there is NO race day pick up.

The packet includes: your race bib, participant shirt, race weekend guide, and other important information.

If you ordered any pre-purchase items during registration, these will also be available for pick up at the Expo.

Where can I find pacers for the course?

There will be a Pace Team booth at the Monumental Health and Fitness Expo. You can visit this booth to get more information on pacers. Pacers will be recognizable race day morning- they hold a large sign with the goal time they are pacing on it.

What is on my race bib?

Participant’s race bibs will have a unique bib number assigned to the participant for tracking and identification. The timing tag is located on the back of the bib. You should not bend, tear, or write on the bib or the timing tag could be impacted.

The race bib also lists your wave based on your submitted estimated finish time, personal information, and a custom name if you registered by Oct. 20, 2020.

How early should I arrive on race morning?

If you are driving, plan to leave your house early to give yourself plenty of time to find parking, visit gear check and get to the start line.

If you are staying at a hotel downtown Indianapolis, plan to be in your wave at the start line 30 minutes before the race begins so you have time to warm up and find your wave.

What do I wear or need to bring on race day?

Race day attire can depend on the weather or personal preference. Check the weather for race day when preparing your race gear.

Runners World offers this guide depending on the weather.

If I need to take off clothing or gear along the course, will I get it back?

Participants often need to take off clothing or gear during the race due to being warm while running or the clothing getting wet. We must clean the course and neighborhoods as we go on race day. Our team of volunteers picks up clothing, accessories, shoes, or any other personal belongings left on the course and all of these items are donated to a local charity, Wheeler Mission.

If you know you may need to get rid of clothing on the course, we suggest wearing clothing or gear you do not mind not getting back.

What is gear check?

Gear check is a service, typically offered for free at road races. This is a safe place to leave your personal belongings like a wallet or phone. Gear check opens at 6:00 AM ET on race morning.

You will “check” your belongings in the clear, plastic bag provided to you. You cannot check your own backpack or large purse. Be sure to visit gear check and pick up your belongings before you leave the after party.

Where is the start line?

Participants will line up on north Capitol Ave. near east Washington St. for the start of the race.

How do my family and friends track me on race day?

Instruct all of your family and friends to download the CNO Financial Group Indianapolis Monumental Marathon app and give them your bib number. They can enter this number and track you virtually as you make your way through the course.

App Store | Google Play

Where should my family and friends go to watch me?

There are various spots along the course where spectators can watch the full marathon and half marathon race:

  • Monument Circle
  • Mass Ave, near Old National Center
  • Indiana War Memorial on Meridian St.
  • Corner of New York St. and Meridian St.

We encourage all spectators to look at the course maps (Full | Half | 5K) and be prepared to walk to each stop as it will be difficult to drive the course with the road closures.

Where can I meet my family and friends after the race?

The finish line is located on Washington St. Spectators should not stand right where runners are exiting the finish line as this causes blockage.

Try to find easily identifiable stops around the finish area to designate as meeting areas:

  • Grass in front of State Office Building
  • Near the recovery and awards and recovery tent
  • Near the beer garden

Find more information and answers to your frequently asked questions here or join our First Timer Facebook group.