Beyond Monumental and Athletic Annex want to inspire Indy to go the distance and have partnered to create an age group specific challenge to the full and half marathon.

Win your age group and break the existing age group record in either the 13.1 mile or 26.2 mile races and win a $50 gift card from Athletic Annex!*

In addition, the #3run7 (317th) finisher in both the half and full marathon, as well as the 131st half marathon and 262nd full marathon finisher will win a gift card!

Men’s Records Marathon

Age Name Time
Age: 19-24 Jake Polerecky 2:18:25
Age: 40-44 Rj Dorazil 2:28:38
Age: 65-69 Dave Floyd 3:18:19
Age: 70-74 Ron Wightman 3:24:15

Women’s Records Marathon

Age Name Time
Age: 20-24 Cassandra Vince 2:38:24
Age: 30-34 Lauren Weaver 2:40:21
Age: 35-39 Rena Elmer 2:40:21
Age: 40-44 Dot McMahan 2:35:36
Age: 50-54 Denise Robson 2:49:05
Age: 55-59 Heather Knight Pech 3:00:44
Age: 65-69 Stacey Nigrelli 3:30:58

262nd Winner Marathon

Name Time
Justin Craig 2:55:27

317th Winner Marathon

Name Time
Robert Brusso 2:58:12

Men’s Records Half Marathon

Age Name Time
Age: 35-39 Cristopher Sloane 1:06:18
Age: 45-49 Jasen Ritter 1:13:17
Age: 65-69 Bob Deak 1:26:44
Age: 70-74 Paul Carlin 1:44:25

Women’s Records Half Marathon

Age Name Time
Age: 40-44 Crystal Harriss 1:16:55
Age: 45-49 Julie Mercado 1:22:01

131st Winner Half Marathon

Name Time
Jeremy Hammer 1:17:26

317th Winner Half Marathon

Name Time
Jackson McNeal 1:25:32
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